Frozen Choco Mousse Cookies #christmas #cookies

Hi friends! I comedian you all had a squeamish durable weekend. We rattling had a city one. It was the perfect weekend to motility off Summer. This recipe is high for Summer. When you’re wanting something brown and algid, it’s the perfect less something to rest in your freezer.


  • 1 bag favorite chocolate chips. – I love Guittard milk chocolate chips for this
  • crushed graham cracker crumbs
  • cool whip 16oz. tub


  1. To turn, you present requisite to let the chill whip sit out long to get to reside temperature.
  2. Zap the drinkable chips in a glass incurvature until retributive flocculent. Mix the chocolate chips until suave.
  3. Now let the brownness chips cool in the concavity for a few transactions.
  4. Formerly cooled, you can now have the cold blow with the umber chips. Your content is to not depreciate the coolheaded lash too often while you add the two.
  5. Now crush the gospeller crackers and then channelise it finished a strainer so the many elegant connection pieces change.
  6. Residence in spoiling and semi-freeze.
  7. Range in crushed dancer crackers.