How to Make 4 Ingredient Funfetti Cake Batter Dip

Do you love dessert so much?

Have you ever made dessert dips before?

If you haven’t, you really need to try to make one. This 4-ingredient funfetti cake batter dip is the one that will make you drool. It has a super delicious cake batter taste and is topped with colorful sprinkles and classic funfetti.

4 Ingredient Funfetti Cake Batter Dip


Not only mouthwatering for cake and dessert lovers, but this batter dip is also mouthwatering for your kids. All you need to enjoy this cake batter dip is a dipper.

Almost every single of us has a little bit of batter left in a bowl when we are baking cookies, desserts, or cakes. Some of you probably prefer to wash it out and some others prefer to dip their fingers into the bowl and lick the batter.

However, it is not safe to lick and enjoy that remaining butter because there are raw eggs inside the ingredient, right? So, the best thing that you can do is making fluffy and tasty dessert dips.

Cake batter dip tastes exactly like cake batter. But it does not contain any raw eggs in the ingredients. Instead, it actually contains a cake mix in the dip so that you will be able to enjoy the super delicious tastes that you always love.

When you were a kid, and your kids now as well, a funfetti cake is probably a lifetime favorite. Because you know, those fun sprinkles are always attractive. Even though you are an parents now and like sophisticated desserts more, such as brownies, cheesecakes, or classic carrot cakes, some of you surely still cannot deny a funfetti cake.

Since it will bring you back to your fun childhood. You can make this cake dip first before you make the cake or dessert itself. But you have to know that the dip thickens as you put it aside for a while.

And the colors of the sprinkles fade into the dip. So, it will be better if you make it right before you serve it. You only need 5 minutes to make it, anyway.

There are several ways that you can do to enjoy this cake batter dip. You can enjoy it with some delicious dippers such as crackers, cookies, graham crackers, or fresh fruits if you want something healthy.

Or, you can just dip a spoon into the cake dip to fully enjoy it! If you combine the batter dip with animal crackers, you will be reminded of the old lunch-time snacks, Dunkaroos.

If you were born in the 80s or 90s, perhaps you remember the snack. Since the old snack is not sold anymore in the US, this cake dip will allow you to taste it again.

So, when you are missing and craving the classic and old cake batter taste, you just need to prepare the ingredients to make this 4-ingredient funfetti cake batter dip. It will definitely be a great guilty pleasure for both parents and kids.

If you are interested to make one, here are the ingredients and the instructions.


  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 8 oz whipped topping
  • 1/3 to 2/3 cup of milk
  • 1 box funfetti cake mix
  • Sprinkles for the topping


  1. Mix the whipped topping and cream cheese in a big bowl with a hand mixer until it is creamy and smooth.
  2. After that, add the cake mix and milk and stir it evenly.
  3. If the dip is too thick for you, add more milk a little bit at a time.
  4. Once you get your wanted consistency, garnish the cake batter with colorful sprinkles on top of it.

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This is how you make tasty 4 Ingredient Funfetti Cake Batter Dip for your family. Enjoying it while it is still warm is highly recommended. Please try and practice by yourself.