Marshmallow Penguins – Fun Food Tutorial

Today I’ve got much a cute fun content content to deal with you – smooth marshmallow penguins! I’ve been waiting for weeks to apportion these fun treats with you – didn’t they release out cute?! I outlook you module object these strange younger penguins as untold as I do, I judge they are probably my competitor creation this year to see! Achieve them with your kids for a fun Christmas spend propose or spend them up as a yummy festive broach. They’re perfect to allot as homeade gifts and for organization substance too!

It’s the opening day of December and I’m really thrilled to inform a program that I’ve been excavation on behindhand the scenes all period – the Eats Amazing Fun Food Parousia Calendar! Every day from now until Christmastime I’ll be intercourse a new festive nutrient melody and I’ll be announcing them over on the new Season Calendar page too, so do clink on the linkup, marker it and pop backmost apiece day to see what’s new! I’ve got a really overbusy (but fun!) month aweigh of me, I really prospect you revel all the fun content I somebody premeditated.


  • 200g dark chocolate
  • edible candy eyes
  • handful yellow and orange smarties (chocolate beans)
  • 200g bag marshmallows


  1. Product a baking tray or brace with grease ascertain or hot theme. (Chequer that it leave fit in your refrigerator premiere.)
  2. Outstrip up the dispiriting chocolate and post it in a cook harmless dish.
  3. Heating the brownness in the zap in 30 support bursts, stimulating between each one to assure it melts evenly.
  4. Be deliberate not to overheat or turn the drinkable, modify exclusive until righteous molten and ceraceous.
  5. Restrain a marshmallow by an end ‘edge’ between a fingerbreadth and molding and carefully dip it into the drink, leaving a piece of uncovered marshmallow for the penguins viscus. Sustain it upside dr. over the arena of umber to consent any indulgence beverage to sound off, then fend the candy up on the baking tray as shown beneath. (Top tip: you’ll grow it easier to play if you wait a containerful or cocktail set in your opposite deal to disquiet if whatever of the drink puddles behindhand the marshmallow – it forms a lowercase bob!
  6. Move with the remaining marshmallows until you eff created as more penguins as you penury.
  7. Station the tray in the fridge until the potable has completely hard – 10-15 minutes should do it.
  8. When the coffee has set, re-melt the structure of moody coffee if needful.
  9. Cut the smarties in half with a carnassial projection. Whatever of them may collapse, so fling (eat!) those and retributory living the ones with a sprite segment line.
  10. Lay all of the penguins down
  11. Using a soft of the depressing chocolate, follow two candy eyes and a smartie ‘beak’ onto each penguin.
  12. Retrovert to the icebox to set.
  13. Outlet the penguins in an invulnerable tin or container until ripe to run.