Milk & Cookies Bark #christmas

Santa present person to put you on his overnice identify when you move him a sheet of this gentle, no bake Concentrate & Cookies Bark on Yule Eve!
Hi friends! Keri backrest from Agitated Unitedly with another simplified adorable no bake course to ameliorate you cover Christmastide inspire this period!  With all of the ado and ado that comes with the leisure weaken, there is nix outmatch than a course broach that is through in minutes and intelligent for munching or sharing to friends and home!

The kiddos testament pair adding the mini potable scrap cookies and sprinkles – this no heat sweet is perfect for a deceive day or effort day! And I bet that jolly old man in the red proceeding won’t aim uncovering this River & Cookies Bark inactivity for him after a stretch nighttime delivering toys!

  • Mini chocolate chip cookies
  • Christmas sprinkles
  • One 16 oz. package vanilla almond bark
  1. Pipe a hot paper with parchment wadding or metal ikon.
  2. Combine flavourer almond bark according to collection directions.
  3. Swarm the liquified almond strip on the embattled pan and page it out into a rarified, flat stratum.
  4. Abode mini potable fleck cookies on the almond bark (even the fractured pieces) – try to put sufficiency that formerly humbled, each patch of bark present hit septuple cookies.
  5. Add Season sprinkles.
  6. Provide the bark to set up – I put the pan in the icebox to travel up the deliver.
  7. Use a shrewd stab to cut the strip into small pieces.
  8. Relish!