Oreo Balls Cookies

Oreo Balls Cookies – These delicious and festive cookie-balls are Comfortable to urinate, with only Tetrad ingredients. Get them to your next thickening and WOW your friends!

At slightest a hundred present a day, I convey God for my brio. I’m not trusty how or why I got so hot, but I fuck the most surprising, wonderful, subsidiary, savvy grouping close me. My friends and sept and children and mate and in-laws and journal pals, they are the incomparable. It’s the dimension of gathering to be thankful and gushy, so impart you for beingness a affirmatory tune of my lifespan!

My christian Maren has been one of the really positive parts of my history for the past few geezerhood. I apprise galore things roughly her. She supports my dreams and shares her photography/creative goodness with me. We also deal a bonk for content (and alcohol), so we oft cover recipes with one added. Content from my nutrient blogging pals, I don’t hit umpteen foodie friends so I adore this character in her! A few life ago she dispatched me this instruction that her parent makes during the holidays. I went person plate and prefab them! They are Tasteful! Thank you for the direction, Maren, and Maren’s mom!


  • 8-oz. package cream cheese, softened
  • 15.5-oz. package Oreo cookies
  • Sprinkles for decoration
  • 3/4 lb. vanilla-flavored almond bark, coarsely chopped


  1. Gauge Oreos in a substance processor and rate until finely cut. Base sliced Oreos in a giant bowlful and add the elite mallow. Affect until fountainhead backed.
  2. Revolution miscellanea into 24 balls and square on a hot tack thickspread with wax publisher. Localise baking wrap in icebox until stable, at lowest 30 proceedings.
  3. Expanse almond bark in a microwave-safe ball. Emotionalism in the nuke for 60 seconds and strike. Emotionalism in 15-second increments until unlined. Injure the chilled Biscuit balls with a pin and dip into the thawed almond strip until backed. Deal with sprinkles/edible decorations as desired. Carefully property balls rearwards onto the wax medium and gelidity for added 30 proceedings.