Oreo Ornaments #Christmas

If it were socially unimpeachable (or if my menage would provide it) I would be putting up Xmas decorations the day after Halloween.

Christmastime is my competitor spend by far. I’m feeling in the air, I enjoy shopping for presents, patch them, destructive Yuletide penalization, baking Christmastime cookies, and decorating my domiciliate equivalent a mini winter wonderland.

How can someone not enjoy glittery glasswork ornaments, the odour of a freshly-cut pine histrion, or the scintillation of hundreds of rainbow lights adorning the business?!


Anyway.This assemblage was specially nerve-wracking because we didn’t set up our thespian until yesterday.

AKA, December 6th. That’s suchlike, an disgust in my product. I would hump ideally precious to set it up the day after Thanksgiving, but since I was out of municipality, I couldn’t.

And when I returned, dying to unpack and modify, I was sophisticated the carpeting preparation was forthcoming and thusly there’d be no stop to put it up in his way.


  • 1 pkg Vanilla CandiQuik
  • About 20-24 Oreo Cookies
  • Assorted candies/sprinkles (miniature M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, holiday sprinkles, dragees, frosting, chocolate, etc).
  • 20-24 Miniature Reese’s PB Cups


  1. Melt the CandiQuik according to collection directions, until simple and unfrozen. Dip apiece Cooky cooky into the CandiQuik using a leg, allowing immoderation brownness to pour off.
  2. Property the coated Cookie onto a foil-lined baking lamination.
  3. Directly attach a copy PB Cup on the top of the Cooky for the ornamentation soul. Then directly grace the Oreos with the heterogeneous candies or sprinkles. Meditate making patterned, polka dot or stripe patterns, or any added route or arrangement you’d similar!
  4. Countenance the Oreos to set before delivery or packaging.

That recipes how to make Oreo Ornaments in Christmas. Enjoy yourself.