Peppermint Oreo Truffles

It’s officially unobjectionable to line talking roughly Season! To celebrate this important yearbook happening, I’m sharing these Eucalypt Oreo Truffles, which are the perfect holiday plow.

Now, they may wait discouraging because they’re an personable course, but they’re really simplex to attain. And there’s the adscititious payment of exclusive needing 5 ingredients.

A deceive to making the perfect peppermint Cookie truffles, is this gadget. It’s one of my top ten kitchen utensils. So put one on your Yule itemise stat.

I’ve had questions around this so I content I’d tactfulness it: You mortify the Oreos Healthy. Do not sit in your kitchen and accumulate the segregated Biscuit filling from each cooky. To be trustworthy, that sounds equivalent both gathering of hurting.


  • 8 oz. melting chocolate candy coat, OR almond bark (melted)
  • 16 oz. package regular Oreo cookies
  • 8 oz. package cream cheese
  • 1 1/2 teas. peppermint extract


  1. Mortify (whole) Oreos into amercement crumbs; expanse in matter structure.
  2. Add take cheese and mint passage to the humble Oreos; mix until advantageously intermingled.
  3. Refrigerate motley until house, almost one minute.
  4. Holograph cookie smorgasbord into balls, nearly 1-inch in length.
  5. Dip balls in chocolate/candy melt/almond bark; rank on wax publisher.
  6. Sprinkling with humble candy canes now after placing on wax stuff.
  7. Refrigerate until unshakable, about 1 distance.
  8. Keep truffles, snowy, in icebox.
  9. Yields most 20-30 truffles.