Pickle Roll-Ups

The most perfect course for any type of assembling! Exclusive Trey ingredients, ten minutes of your measure and guests will be insane!

It seemed fitting that I pass this intelligent and scrumptious appetiser when my bff came to visit ultimate month. I introduced her to The Pickle Roll-Up in college and we oft plant ourselves eating on them in our dorm people after a blunder to Hy-Vee to get supplies. We never distributed them with anyone!

I’m narration you, you poorness these babies in your story. The salty-sweet combining is so sagittate yet so rattling tasteful. They are casual, guest-pleasing appetizers that are outstanding for parties or sport games or any type of aggregation.

Lay foursome stacks of two corned cattle slices on a stalk gameboard or cutting mat. Top each with a layer of toiletries cheese (it does not feature to be pretty) and a medium-sized dill pickle.

List the corned meat slices around the pickles. The toiletries cheese leave act as the delicious paste that holds everything together.

Cut apiece pickle rotation into digit equilateral slices and cater on a shell. These leave not measure yearlong. It is unsufferable for me to cell my fingers off of them.

If you hump these, then halt out many of my added course bites! Antipasto Skewers, Honey Flavouring Smokies, Unexploded Tempered Spud Rounds


  • 4 medium dill pickles
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 8 slices corned beef lunch meat


  1. Lay corned kine in stacks of two on a slaty opencast.
  2. Propagate 1 ounce of ointment cheeseflower onto each chimney. Area a pickle direct in the tract of apiece.
  3. Throw corned oxen around the pickles and cut apiece roil into quadruplet coordinate parts.