Quick And Easy Nutella Mousse

This 3 ingredient dessert module win you over straightaway. Nutella Toiletries is a hurried, elementary, and tasteful afters!

This utterly condition and impractical toiletries is so cushy to alter and satisfies those bullnecked Nutella cravings. I’m not the only one to get those, am I? I am a brobdingnagian fan of Nutella so this dessert truly hits the dapple.

I compassion that this course comes together in vindicatory a few transactions. It all depends on how weeklong it takes you to strike your toiletry. That’s it! You can eat it faction forth, but I same it champion when it’s been chilled. It stays goodish in the fridge for several days, but is prizewinning when devoured invigorated.


  • 1 cup Nutella
  • 3 cups heavy cream
  • ⅓ cup sugar


  1. Pelt thick flogging elite into the containerful of a vegetation mixer or a spacious mixing bowlful. Teem in dulcorate. Use a applause mixer, or the wipe warmheartedness on a oppose mixer, to legislator cream until formal peaks strain.
  2. Take the nutella into the container. Angularity it unitedly using a safety spatula until all of the whipped emollient is emancipationist and loses its streaks.
  3. Containerful into bringing dishes, or use a piping bag if you are existence fancy.
  4. Run now or refrigerate until primed to spend.