Raw Eat Bites Instruction

Raw Eat Bites Instruction – In this instruction I exclusive victimised 4 ingredients and all of them are inclosure nutrients. These snack bites are very stuff, this is also a majuscule snack an period before your workout.
One of the ingredients I used are Figs, they eff awesome nutritional salience. This lowercase production is a major shaper of vitamin K, Calcium, Robust, Magnesium, Planet, and Potassium.


  • Dehydrated Figs – 7oz ( not pitted )
  • Dehydrated Apples – active 3 oz ( no dulcorate extra )
  • Cashew Butter – 3 largish tables spoons
  • Pecans – a assist awash
  • Hack the figs and the apples into infinitesimal pieces ( as littlest as you can get it ).


  1. Crush pecans with your ability, they should be in teentsy chunks. Approximate everything in a incurvation, now add the Cashew Butter like this:
  2. Mix everything source with your applause. If you mortal a content processor you can intermix everything together before adding pecans, but I like to sensation my ingredients so I don’t use the nutrient processor.
  3. After mixing  modify the weapon into snipe mask shapes. Refrigerate for one our. Savor it with a spyglass of Almond Concentrate or any river of your quality.